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What you can expect


During a two-day workshop, we explore, deconstruct and rebuild your existing business model. If you would like to start from scratch with fresh ideas, we gather inspirations from existing innovative and BETTER business models. Starting with exploring customer needs, we create ideas and design the different aspects of a business model. At the end of the workshop you will bring home new ideas and prototypes for your business model, as well as an outlook on what next steps to take.

If you are interested in learning about BETTER Business Model Design, tools and methods – contact us for a special training.

Every workshop will be customized according to your current situation and business field and is based on our platform BUSINESS MODEL TOOLBOX


Get inspirations from successful Business Models and explore Business Model Patterns

Customer Focus

Identify Customer Needs with Design Thinking Principle

Agile Development

Increase the success of your business model with Lean Startup approach and Prototyping

The Building Blocks of our workshop:


Get introduced to the aspects of BETTER Business Models
What exactly can make your business model a BETTER one?
We offer you different perspectives and tools how you could challenge existing business models


Exploring the assets of your business model
Alternatively we could also help you to start generate/develop fresh ideas by exploring trends and structure of inspiring business models


Understanding Customer Needs
Explore the needs of your customer: What are his pain points and gain points?
What are his jobs to be done?


Problem-Solution Fit
Design solutions for existing challenges. What are the criteria to satisfy your customers’ needs?
How can you create WOW-moments? Get to know your competitive advantages.


Design your Business Model
By exploring existing business models, you will be equipped with ideas on how to design revenue streams, your value proposition, product strategy or other parts of your business model BETTER.


Creating a prototype helps you to understand the aspects and the challenges of your business models. Moreover, it sets the base for learning about the success factors and for quickly iterating your business model to the next stage.

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